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The Office of the Town Clerk is most commonly associated with licensing and vital records, but it is also often the first stop when someone is looking for the town board or committee that deals with a particular matter. As the clerk to the Board of Registrars, voter registration, Town Meeting records, and census records are maintained in the Clerk’s office. Oaths of office are administered and recorded by the Clerk. Both General and Zoning Bylaw information is available in this office, with printed versions available for purchase.

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Our frequently asked questions will hopefully provide some of the answers you’re looking for and the links can direct you to a few helpful options. When in doubt, check it out.

 How do I register to vote?

You can register to vote in this or any City or Town Clerk’s office statewide during regular business hours. To participate, you must be registered at least 20 days before a regular town meeting or election or 10 days before a special meeting. Offices are open extended hours between 9:am and 8:pm on the last day of registration. For the past several years, the state has made voter registration possible at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Mail-in cards are also available for citizens who are not able to register in person. They can be found in the Clerks’ offices as well as many local post offices or libraries and even some high schools or senior centers.

To request to have a registration form mailed to, log on to the link below. 


Where do I vote?

The Town House auditorium is the polling place for all elections. State and federal elections dates are well publicized. The annual town election is held the first Monday in May.


Application for an absentee ballot - made by the voter         


Application for an absentee ballot - made by a family member of the voter



Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9:00am - 3:00pm

Phone: 413-566-2151 x103
Fax:      413-566-3513

Eva Wiseman, Town Clerk
Elaine Kingsbury, Asst. Town Clerk

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