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Town of Hampden

Regular Meeting of Parks & Recreation Commission
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
October 14, 2004

Approved: October 28, 2004


Attendance: Board members present were Glennice Flynn, Chris McDonald and Larry Forrest. Also present were Jay Fenlason and Sue Gorman.

Bills: Signed and submitted.

Minutes: The minutes from the September 23,2004 meeting were reviewed and approved. Glennice made a motion to accept the minutes. Larry seconded. All were in favor.

Director’s Report: Jay gave an update on the following:



Meeting Night: The current Thursday evening meeting night has proved to be inconvenient for some to attend. This has been discussed for several months. The board has agreed to change the night to the second and fourth Tuesday beginning November 9,2004. Jay is to post the new date. Glennice made a motion to change the meeting night to Tuesdays beginning November 9th. Larry seconded. All in favor.

Soccer Coordinator: Chris discussed the letter that was sent from the Walulak’s with some suggestions for the soccer program.

1.)    To implement a “no refund” policy once the roster was set with Pioneer Valley. This information needs to be put on the registration form or in the newsletter to notify all of the change.

2.)    Changes to the PVJSL, roster after the initial turn in date, is to be handled by The Park and Rec office. The soccer coordinator will go the first time and Park and Rec will go for the final turn in date.

3.)    Evaluations for all players from first grade and up.  The board felt that the kids were too young to evaluate under 3rd grade.

4.)    Offer a Rec league alternative after 2nd grade. Jay presented more information from surrounding towns. There was concern as to whether there would be enough numbers to fill teams. Glennice suggested trying this for one season to see how successful this would be. This will be tabled until the next meeting for further discussion.

Old Business:

Park Renovations: The sandblasting has begun in the bathhouse. The contractor felt that the building needed a new roof. Dana looked at the roof and felt a new roof was not necessary, but just needed to be patched. The driveway at Memorial Park needs to be trimmed.

Conservation Commission: Chris questioned where the form was that had been submitted to the Conservation Commission for permission to destroy the pipe that leads to the brook Jay will look into this.

New Business:

Keys: There will be new keys made and given out to the board. The old keys are to be returned. The six keys needed will be for the Park and Rec office, The RAH bldg., bathhouse, front gate at Memorial Park, the softball shed at the Park and the shed at TWB.

Pool: A letter was drafted to John Wysocki, the drummer from the band Staind, looking for support for the pool.

Glennice made a motion to adjourn at 8:16 P.M. Larry seconded. All in favor


Next meeting: October 28, 2004 at 7:00 P.M.