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Town of Hampden

Special Meeting of Parks & Recreation Commission
7:00PM at the Hampden Town Hall
September 14, 2004

Approved: September 23, 2004


The meeting was called to order at 7:14 P.M.

Attendance -Board members present were Chris McDonald, Tina Albano, and Glennice Flynn. Also present was Jay Fenlason

Bills: Signed and submitted

Minutes: The minutes from the August 12, 2004 meeting were reviewed and approved. Tina made a motion to accept the minutes. Glennice seconded. All were in favor.

Director’s Report: Jay gave an update on possible upcoming programs including, but not limited to, a yoga class, a New York City bus trip, and a ski program. He also updated the Board on the Patriots trip and the fall soccer season, as well as some ideas to help maintain the soccer/baseball/softball fields. A letter from Traci Olstein requesting that her daughter be moved up an age bracket in soccer was presented and discussed. The Board felt that the child was currently playing in the appropriate age division. Glennice made a motion to deny the request. Tina seconded. All were in favor.

The upcoming basketball season was discussed. Jay explained the options for the Rec. and Travel Leagues. The fee structure was also discussed. Jay proposed a new fee structure to raise the fees $5 for the In-Town and Instructional Programs, and $10 for the Rec./CYO/Suburban Programs. Tina made a motion to accept Jay’s proposal. Glennice seconded. All were in favor. This administrative fee will be used to support Park and Recreation Department programs.

Meeting Night: Tabled until a full Board was present.

Field Conditions: Chris was concerned over the mowing situation on the soccer fields at Thornton W. Burgess Middle School (TWB). The grass has gotten too high and when mowed, clumps of cut grass were left on the game fields. Jay agreed to meet with the Selectmen to discuss the options of getting the fields mowed more often. The Board also decided to solicit bids to gauge the cost of having a private group mow the fields as well. Jay was to gather those bids.

Fall Festival/Buddy Walk: Glennice spoke to the Board about her discussions with the Buddy Walk people about their plans. The Board discussed what we wanted to offer and it was decided that we would offer pizza, cotton candy, popcorn, coffee, donuts, and other snacks. Jay is responsible for the cotton candy and popcorn. Tina will contact the pizza people. Glennice and Chris will coordinate the donuts and coffee. They also agreed to ask RAH if they might want to run a Rock Wall or an inflatable as a fund raiser.

Additionally, questions were raised about who has responsibility for the bathrooms, trash, electricity needs, etc. Jay is to talk to Noel Pixley, TWB’s principal, to get more information.

New Business: Glennice gave the Board an update on the progress of the Green Meadows School renovations. She asked the Board to consider what athletic fields they would like to see constructed. The Board decided to ask for 3 soccer fields and 2 baseball fields.

Tina made a motion to adjourn at 9:05 P.M. Glennice seconded. All were in favor.

Next Meeting is scheduled for Sept. 23, 2004 at 7:00 P.M.