1) In attendance: Dorothy Kibbe, Ceci Melville, Sheila Thompson, Noreen Couture, Robert Burger, John M. Flynn, Doug Boyd, John D. Flynn


2) The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm.


3) The minutes of the March 21, 2002 CPC meeting were reviewed and discussed. It was agreed to defer acceptance of the minutes to the next meeting in order that a more precise statement of the Town vote and action of the Attorney General regarding the issue of eminent domain in the CPA be included.


4) Connie Witt of the Hampden Historical Commission made a presentation of her groups efforts to restore and preserve the Old Cemetery on Chapin Road. She indicated the Town is required by law to maintain the graves of Veterans and many of them are in a state of general disrepair.  She also indicated there are several large dead trees in the cemetery which may pose a safety issue. Here group has received an informal quote of $66,000 to repair and restore the cemetery, to include repair and restoration of headstones, tree removal, and installation of a source of water. The CPC discussed the difference between the general maintenance responsibilities of the Town versus the historical preservation mandated by the CPC. There was general consensus among the CPC members that the efforts of the Historical Commission were consistent with the historical preservation responsibilities of the CPA. It was requested that the Historical Commission present a detailed and specific request for consideration by the CPC.


5) The CPC discussed the presentation to be made at the upcoming Annual Town Meeting. It was agreed that the Chair, Dorothy Kibbe, make a brief presentation as to the existence, composition, and purpose of the CPC.


6) There was discussion as to the duration of the terms of the various members of the CPC. As five of the CPC members represent specific Boards within the Town, it was agreed that those five terms should run concurrently with their elected or appointed positions. The five designated representatives agreed to verify the length and termination dates of their terms. It was agreed those terms should, to the extent possible, be taken into account in setting the CPC terms.


7) Dorothy Kibbe presented information regarding an upcoming taking of several properties by the Town for delinquent property taxes. The documents were for information purposed only and did not require any action by the CPC.


8) The meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm


9) The next meeting of the CPC was set for May 28, 2002 at 7:00 pm


Respectfully submitted


Douglas Boyd.