1) In attendance: Dorothy Kibbe, Shelia Thompson, Ceci Melville, Noreen Couture, John D. Flynn, James Morris, Doug Boyd


2) Sherri Himmelstein made a presentation of the proposal to purchase property off of Mountain Road which abuts the existing Memorial Park and to maintain it as open space for passive town recreational activities. The property has been appraised by O'Connor and Associates at $320,000. According to Ms. Himmelstein, the current owner of the property is willing to sell the property to the town for the appraised value. Ms Himmelstein indicated she has commitments of both public and private funds which would cover all but $75,000 of the purchase price. The Hampden Land Project is willing to assume the transactional costs associated with the purchase and transfer of the property if the town is willing and able to fund the $75,000 shortfall. Following extensive discussion, the CPC voted, on motion of John D. Flynn and second of Doug Boyd, as follows:

"The Community Preservation Committee recommend at Special Town Meeting that Community Preservation Act funds be committed for acquisition of property off of Mountain Road in a total amount of $75,000 payable over a period not to exceed five (5) years."

All CPC members in attendance voted in favor of the motion.


3) The opinion letter of Town Counsel regarding the issue of CPC action in the current "fiscal year" was reviewed. It was agreed the Selectman are aware of the issue and were in the process of drafting an article for placement on the Warrant for the Special Town Meeting.


4) The CPC reviewed correspondence dated January 10, 2002 from the Office of the Attorney General accepting the vote at the Special Town Meeting in the Fall of 2001 regarding the issue of CPA and eminent domain. The CPC discussed the correspondence and agreed the Office of the Attorney General has now accepted the vote of the town which removed the eminent domain authority from the purview of the Community Preservation Act as amended.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25


The next meeting of the CPC was scheduled for April 23, 2002 at 7:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted


Douglas Boyd.