1) In attendance: Dorothy Kibbe, Sheila Thompson, Ceci Melville; Noreen Couture, Jim Morris, John M. Flynn, Bob Burger, John D. Flynn, Doug Boyd


2) The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm. Following introductions, it was the consensus of the group to elect, by majority vote, officers of the CPC. On motion of John D. Flynn, and second by Bob Burger, the CPC unanimously voted Dorothy Kibbe as Chair; on a motion by John Flynn and a second, the CPC unanimously voted Sheila Thompson as Vice Chair; on motion by John Flynn and a second, the CPC unanimously voted Doug Boyd as Secretary.


3) The group discussed the need for informational materials to be disseminated to the citizens of Hampden with the objective of identifying the members of the CPC and its' statutory mandate. Discussion occurred regarding insertion of a preliminary report in the annual town report but it was unknown whether the group could make the printing deadline. There was also discuss regarding insertion of a "stuffer" in the property tax bills but it was decided that too few residents received their bills directly from the town (as opposed to mailed to the mortgage company) to make it a reliable method of informing the residents. It was raised and agreed the Scantic Scribe was a reasonable and reliable method of disseminating the information. It was also agreed the article in the Scribe should refer to the issue of eminent domain in the context of the Community Preservation Act as well as advise as to a future need survey.


4) The group discussed the objectives of the Community Preservation Act and the best method by which to best determine which of the many statutory objectives should be pursed by the CPC. It was agreed the CPC members who represented specific community organizations would discuss the Community Preservation Act with their various organizations an report the perceived community needs to the CPC.


5) It was agreed the next meeting of the CPC would occur on March 12, 2002 at 7:00 pm. Agenda items are to include discussion of projected funds available to the CPC based upon tax assessments, establishment of a list of priorities for the CPC, and establishment of terms for elected officers of the CPC.


Respectfully submitted,


Douglas Boyd.